Myths about Mugging


It’s no secret that I love coffee. I have my own milk frother/steamer and shakers

So it’s no surprise that I also love coffee mugs.

Now I know that many of you have seen the many blog posts about making Sharpie Mugs.

The one that goes a little like this:



Dollar Store Mugs



Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

Wash and Dry Mugs

Draw or write desired image/phrases on mug.

Bake mugs at 350 for 30 minutes.


So simple, so fun. So easy even the most novice crafter could tackle this project.

Welp, that’s not the way the world works . Baking the mugs is supposed to set the design and make the mugs dishwasher safe. Well, I’m here to tell you that baking a mug covered in sharpie just gives you a hot mug covered in sharpie. A mug, that upon first washing will leave you with a messed up master piece.


There is hope.  There is a sharpie product that will stand up to a scrub or two.

Here it is in picture form.IMG_0555

And here are my mugs that my dear friend Kelby drew and I traced with the proper sharpie tools.

Just follow the same rules as above except replace Sharpie with Oil Based- Sharpie Paint Pen. (For Glass and Wood)


Feel free to comment and link me to your masterpieces.


photo (17)

16 thoughts on “Myths about Mugging

  1. I wish that I saw this before I made mine!
    it took about 5 re-bakes for the marker to actually stick, and still you can’t actually scrub them, only softly wipe with a soapy rag…
    Next time I will make sure to pick up these oil-based sharpies! thanks!

  2. I made 2 of these mugs, 1 for my daughter n 1 for her hubby for mother’s day n father’s day respectively, using just the regular Sharpie. Maybe I’ll get them back n let my grandson redo them. THANK YOU for the new info

  3. Thank you! No seriously thank you! I knew that sharpie mugs looked cool, but something seemed off, I have covered a mug with sharpie before but i never baked it but it was one of those porous hard plastic kind where it can really soak in and with out fail with in two or three washes it came off. I thought maybe i should just bake them on a glass mug but that just didnt make sense and i REFUSED to even try the craft unless I found something this! I am pinning this with a quickness *skips off into pinterest land*

  4. You can get them at hobby lobby or michaels. There are also markers specifically for glass called porcelains that works. I used metallic sharpies that were non oil based and they did ok. They went through the dishwasher with no problem but if I scrub some co ES off.

  5. If oil based markers are not to be found, I discovered that covering your art in clear nail polish does the trick too. My ‘everything is the worst’ demotivational mug I made for my husband is still going strong after 6 months of every day use and washing. Just a tip 🙂

    1. I did that with mine too. Has been holding up well…..the design did smear a little when applying the nail polish so beware….:)

  6. I am annoyed every time I see that pinned! When I take casseroles to a potluck, I write my name on the bottom of the dish before baking. I always scrub my name off when I wash the dish at home, so I knew that little “trick” was not true!

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