Monthly Archives: July 2013

The Change Up

Making your home customizable for the seasons.

I can’t ever make up my mind about what I want my house to look like, so having the ability to change things often is something I need.

Here are a few ways that I can have signature style that changes all the time!

1) Invest in picture rails. I have a lot of picture rails up in my living room and bedroom so I can swap out artwork. I even have dedicated artwork for Christmas versus, between holidays. They are a much better alternative to putting a ton of holes in your wall as well.

2) Clothes pins aren’t just for clothes anymore. I have a lot of instagram prints in my home and I hang them on lines of yarn and twine from tiny clothespins. I can change them often and I like to make it customizable for when people come over!

3) Take a leap and add chalkboard paint to a wall or a chalkboard. This is infinitely customizable. I’m so excited about the holidays and getting to add art for each one.

4) Throw pillows for all your moods, throw pillows are a fun way to add a pop of color or a funky print to a space. Don’t be afraid to swap out for seasons, or just because!

What ways do you customize your home? Do you have any fun holiday décor?