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A big, huge overdue update


First things first; I believe an apology is in order.  I’m so sorry that I have been absent from Crafty Cobras for so long! A few things have happened since the last post.

I got a new job. I am working in retirement services now. Thankfully I’m still able to do children’s theatre and able to continue to do community theatre projects around Jacksonville. It was a big change and preparing for the job took a long time.

I got in a car accident, and a friend got into a near fatal car accident. In September of last year I was in a car accident that totaled my car. It was scary, and it was as I was on my way to my final dress rehearsal for Young Frankenstein. Thankfully the only thing that was hurt in that accident was my car. Cars are replaceable humans are not. A few days into the run of Young Frankenstein the woman playing Inga got into a horrible car accident and was in the hospital for many weeks. One of our performances became a benefit for her and we sent love and gifts to her as much as possible. I am happy to say now that she has made a fantastic recovery and we will be in Les Mis together this summer!

I’ve gone on quite a few fantastic vacations these past few months. Disney World, cruises, and staycations galore.

My brother got married! My brother and his lovely lady were married on the Carnival Fascination on January 25th of this year. The wedding was lovely and we got to go on a cruise afterward!

Now probably the biggest piece of information for this update would be the fact that I’M ENGAGED! John proposed to me on December 21st of 2013! It was one of the most magical days of my life, but more on that later.

I just finished a run of a play called Dirty Blonde, by Claudia Sheer and I play Jo and Mae West! It was an absolute blast and I got to use some of my crafty cobra tips when painting the floor for the set.  As well as make some really adorable opening night present!

This past weekend has marked the beginning of wedding planning, and restyling my nieces room! I’ll have photos of that soon! Image

I am so excited to be back blogging and I can’t wait to share a lot of new crafts with you!