Hello and thanks for stopping by Crafty Cobras! This is a blog dedicated to Crafts and Quirk. My name is Katie a 24 yearold theatre enthusiast out of Jacksonville  Fl. If  you enjoy movies, theatre, DIY, or food you’ve come to the right place.

7 thoughts on “About


    Hi, Katie,
    I just loved this – so many deliciously colorful and creative components! I am also thrilled about your show opening in Atlanta – how did that come about…and when will we be able to see it?

    1. craftycobras Post author

      I’m so glad you like it! The company I used to work for in Tallahassee submitted my play to the Atlanta Fringe Festival. It was very exciting. I’ve actually been talking with a couple of different groups about putting it up here in town. Maybe soon you will get to see it! Thanks for reading!


        Natch – good stuff! Will you have more time to work on that…now that you are leaving Artist Series? I pray your new adventures feed your mind – body – soul!

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