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Home is where the Art is

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Adding art to your home.

I have always loved to decorate, whether it would be changing my room seasonally or decorating a new dorm room my first two years of college; I have always managed to find a way to give things my own personal style.

When John and I decided to move in together I had one pretty big request: That only one room would be covered in movie posters.

John lived in a very small studio when we started dating and it was covered from floor to ceiling in movie posters.  Here is a photo of the bed, but you can see the posters surrounding it:

photo (19)

It’s great for renting, but it doesn’t exactly scream design or a girl lives here too.  Plus getting all those posters down unharmed was a huge undertaking. So when we moved into our 2 bedroom apartment I decided that only the study/craft/reading room would be the poster palace.

That leaves a lot of wall space for art and design. As firm as I was about having the posters in just one room, I knew our art was most likely going to be related to movies, TV, and theatre.

So one afternoon I was browsing pinterest (which turned into hours browsing pinterest) and I came across some art projects I thought I could handle. And then I got a really awesome idea. What if our art was quotes from our favorite movies, tv shows, books and comics?

Now this is an ongoing craft project.  We are nowhere near done, but I did have an idea to put very specific quotes in certain places. All the Jurassic Park quotes will be in the bathroom. (Those haven’t been created yet because the bathroom is the biggest project left in the apartment) The Scott Pilgrim quotes in the kitchen. And so on and so forth.


So far it has been really fun to add personalized art to the place. It definitely makes it feel more like mine. Plus art is expensive y’all.

As we create more for the house we’ll post more pictures but for now I’ll add the photos of the ones we do have.


The first is from The Perks of Being a Wallflower, the second is from Batman Begins, and the third is from Clue.

Also I love lighting, but it is pricey! For our entertainment center I got 2 clamp desk lights on clearance from Target and voila! Cool gallery lighting on the cheap yo’.

I also love mirrors. They can get up there in price as well, but the door mirrors from Target and Walmart run about 5 dollars and they are really customizable. We added 3 over our bar area and it really looks awesome.


Bonus in the above picture you can see the gross old color of my kitchen.

This weekend has a huge project in store for John and I! I can’t wait to post all the details!!!

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Myths about Mugging


It’s no secret that I love coffee. I have my own milk frother/steamer and shakers

So it’s no surprise that I also love coffee mugs.

Now I know that many of you have seen the many blog posts about making Sharpie Mugs.

The one that goes a little like this:



Dollar Store Mugs



Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

Wash and Dry Mugs

Draw or write desired image/phrases on mug.

Bake mugs at 350 for 30 minutes.


So simple, so fun. So easy even the most novice crafter could tackle this project.

Welp, that’s not the way the world works . Baking the mugs is supposed to set the design and make the mugs dishwasher safe. Well, I’m here to tell you that baking a mug covered in sharpie just gives you a hot mug covered in sharpie. A mug, that upon first washing will leave you with a messed up master piece.


There is hope.  There is a sharpie product that will stand up to a scrub or two.

Here it is in picture form.IMG_0555

And here are my mugs that my dear friend Kelby drew and I traced with the proper sharpie tools.

Just follow the same rules as above except replace Sharpie with Oil Based- Sharpie Paint Pen. (For Glass and Wood)


Feel free to comment and link me to your masterpieces.


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