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photo (8)Last night my dear friend Kelby gave me a call and offered me tickets to the 23rd annual FOODFIGHT.

FOODFIGHT is an event put on by volunteers from more than 60 of Jacksonville’s local restaurants  who come together to raise funds and awareness about hunger in our area along with Second Harvest of North Florida.

I had vaguely heard of this event before last night, but I never had the opportunity to experience it. The best way to describe FOODFIGHT was ‘a taste of Jacksonville’  featuring some of my favorite restaurants and restaurants I’ve always wanted to try.

By far my favorite food item was a burger served by Bistro Aix. But 927 events Bacon Custard was also supremely satisfying.

From franchises to little local hot-spots I felt like if there was something I was craving I’d find it at FOODFIGHT.

Whilst at FOODFIGHT I ran into fellow Jacksonville Bloggers Heather and Alex from Outside the Den! It is always a pleasant surprise when I see them around town! And you should definitely check out their blog at outsidetheden.com

I think the most exciting thing I took away from this event was a list of new restaurants I have to explore, and a few new menu options I can try at my old favorites!

Here is the link for info on FOODFIGHT:

Here is info on second harvest:


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I hope you enjoyed!
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Crafts and a whole lot of quirk!


Hello there! Welcome to my new blog: CRAFTY COBRAS. I started this to chronicle my DIY crafts as well as showcase the arts and quirk of Jacksonville, FL.

So let’s start with the basics:
My name is Katie, I’m 24 years old living in Jacksonville FL with my wonderful boyfriend John. We are movie and art connoisseurs, so many of my projects will most likely have to do with Film and Theatre.

Inspirations: I love all things disney and dinosaur related so there is definitely a youthful element to all of my work as well.

I also have a passion for food and the goings on of the southeast region so hopefully you’ll see some documentation of my adventures around FL and GA.

Why is it called crafty cobras?
– That one is a little harder to explain. This past October I was cast as Kate Monster in a local production of Avenue Q. For those of you who are reading who don’t know much about the show it is a parody of Sesame Street with adult themes that involves puppets. Prior to this show I had no experience with puppeteer-ing and I was constantly practicing with and without puppets. When I didn’t have my puppet on; John lovingly named my arms the cobras. And thus the cobras were born, even after the show every now and then I’ll still talk as though I have a puppet on my arm. I thought this was a good homage to one of my favorite shows.

I can’t wait to get my first real blogging experience going!

Kisses and Hisses,